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Is your home missing that feeling of completeness, perhaps a little elegance or a dash of colour for impact? Drapes will make the difference! They are also a great choice for managing the temperature in your home.

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Large Selection of Fabrics Wide variety of high quality easy to clean fabrics.
Insulation Protection from the summer sun and winter cold whilst providing privacy. The are also a great sound insulator as it absorbs reverberation.
Design Flexibilities Comes in a variety of options to accommodate for your interior design.
Illusion of height Curtains will add the illusion of height to your room.
5 year Warranty Australian made and manufactured. We've got you covered!

Elegance, sophistication, class

Drapes contribute immensely to the look and feel of your living environment. They are also extremely efficient in controlling light levels, privacy and noise.

Malibu Blinds have decades of experience installing made-to measure drapes for homes and office all over Melbourne.

The great insulator

Drapes provide year-round protection against the Australian climate keeping out the scorching sun during the summer months and insulation you from Melbourne's chill in the winter by preserving up to 20% of the heat in your home.

A timeless window covering

We will help you choose the best designs to add value to your home. A well-chosen drape will also add to the illusion of height to a room.

Drape Styles